The 24/7 Virtual Assistant Story

Thank you for considering 24/7 Virtual Assistant for all your business needs! Let me introduce Thomas Shajan and Stephen Pachikara, founders of this remarkable business opportunity. As business owners yourself, you frequently experience 'productivity panic disorder' – a painful urge to complete everything at once to keep your business afloat. We, ourselves, found that we needed more hours than an average day would allow.

Then, we discovered how other virtual assistant websites operate: spend more than we receive, or spend less and receive nothing. How we longed to just hire someone that charged down the middle yet provided mind-blowing skills worthy of our investment. After spending years tossing ideas around, we finally developed 24/7 Virtual Assistant, a tool that would provide businesses an incredible boost while lowering their investment.

How does our Virtual Assistants work ?

An idea is born…

Our model was simple: provide businesses access to individual workers that have English skills, masterful website design visions and the capability to work around the clock. Because, as you know, some business minds work during odd hours. Whereas virtual assistant websites commonly used today charge inexorable fees for unskilled workers, ours reverses the trend.

Sure, the concept of offering virtual assistants isn't exactly 'monumental'. However, the concept of offering skilled workers that can handle anything from Wordpress installations to PowerPoint presentations needed perfecting. The objective of 24/7 Virtual Assistant was to help business people see goals reach fruition; we believe we've nailed it.


Idea turns into institution

Our company's continued success takes synergy from many sources. While we're out presenting our model to potential clients, someone has to handle business affairs and keep our website running; someone needs to maintain our virtual assistant contacts by hiring more, which many virtual assistant websites tend to forget. In other words, it takes more than one or two people to keep us running strong.

Planning the entire operation took time, patience and – you guessed it – virtual assistance. Finding credible workers to offer businesses took even more time, especially since English needed to be the primary language and skills had to be impeccable. The concept of offering packages is another relatively infant concept since similar virtual assistant websites provide hourly workers exclusively.


Greet us via chat, or phone

What the future of 24/7 Virtual Assistant may bring is even a mystery to us since our primary goal is helping businesses produce better futures first. Taking each day in stride, we'll never stop short of perfection when your business needs virtual workers to complete projects large or small. For six years we've been making strides and perfecting our website, and really appreciate your patronage.

Engage us in 1-on-1 chats, call our office during business hours or shoot us an email today – you'll quickly discover why our method of conducting business far outweighs what other overpriced and grossly underperforming virtual assistant websites throw your way.