Virtual Assistant

An employer's large part of the day is probably consumed with phone calls, administrative tasks etc. Hiring a US Virtual Assistant would be an ideal solution and you can get all those hours of your life back. Our Virtual Assistants are highly qualified professionals and they are apt in handling everyday clerical, administrative, live support tasks etc. Our VA's are dedicated and ensures that your business operates smoothly.

How Our US Virtual Assistants Work

Thanks to the technology of the internet, desktop sharing, and VOIP; Our Virtual Assistants are able to tackle a wide range of tasks from any part of the world from their employers/clients. Over here, our VA's are assisting many clients in different tasks.

We offer you with the most experienced and the best Virtual Personal Assistants to take care of all your tasks. At 24/7 virtual assistants, we have categorized the plans accordingly without any long-term commitments and they are well within your budget. We are providing you our Virtual Assistant services on a monthly basis. Our plans are extremely flexible, allowing you to renew, upgrade or cancel the service anytime you wish.

About US Team

Our US team provides support to all small businesses, entrepreneurs, and managers who do not have enough funds, space equipment or any desire of hiring a full-time staff. We have maintained our services and plans accordingly for all business professionals and includes Administrative, Marketing, Web Development, Graphic Design, Social Media Management, SEO, Content Management, Video Editing, Business Consulting, Live Supports, CRM Management, Email Marketing, Web Design and much more.

Our US Virtual Assistant team have a powerful blend of experience and personal attention to meet the challenges in your business. When you outsource a task to our US team allows you to focus on the income-producing activities, while your personal team works behind the scenes.

US team over here are highly professional and they are capable of handling Administrative, Project Management, Social Media Management, Web Development, Design, Marketing Experts and Real Estate Agents who are capable of handling all your day to day business deals. We also make sure that all your projects are done quickly, efficiently and affordably without any delays.

We offer a variety of services at very low hourly rates. We are proud in being an American based company providing VA support to the world at a low hourly rate. We also ensure that each and every work that you outsource here are returned with high quality and provide the best professional output.

What Makes Our US Team Different

 Virtual Assistant
  • Highly professional American VA's.
  • Hours are fully rolled over (You will never lose the hours you purchased)
  • You will get a Dedicated Virtual Assistant.
  • Competitive and minimal budget plans.
  • Full Business service on all plans.

Our VA Services

We provide you the best offer than any Virtual Assistant companies provide you. You will get all the services in just one package. If you are running very small budget companies / you are even just a startups, 24/7 Virtual Assistant would be a great choice to work with. We offer you the best service at very minimal budgets.

A Virtual Personal Assistant can do anything and everything as an assistant in your office, and even more with a high level of effective skills and satisfaction. Not only do all of our Virtual Assistants have an American phone number but they also have their own reliable high-speed Internet connection and home office setup, at no cost to our clients.

Here are some of the tasks which our Virtual Assistants are proficient;

  1. Admin Services
    • Calendar Management
    • Appointment Schedules
    • Online Research's
    • Event Management
    • Contact Management
    • CRM Management
    • QuickBooks Management
    • Technical Supports
  2. Data Entry & Writing
    • Spreadsheet Management
    • Data Entry Management
    • Transcriptions
    • Article Writing
    • Edit/Proofread blog posts
    • Email Responds and Live chat Management
    • PPT Presentations
  3. Marketing & Advertising
    • Email Marketing
    • Posting online classified
    • Tracking and Analytics
    • Social Media Management
    • Optimizing Advertising Budgets
  4. Online Research
  5. Website Design
  6. Graphic Design
  7. Personal Assistants
  8. Social Media & SEO Management

Time to Choose the Right VA's

 Virtual Assistant

The key to finding the best suitable virtual assistant depends on the kind of responsibilities you would be delegating to the Virtual Assistant. These skills might not be the same with everyone, so it's necessary to take time on this procedure and find out what tasks are hindering your availability and ability to get the work done efficiently. If these things are sorted out properly, it helps you find the perfect VA.

Many of our VA's are capable of supporting start-ups with small projects and will be able to handle larger projects on time. So you must be able to spot out the right VA with the desired skills that match your job profile or requirements.

Remember that you only get an idea of the experience level of the VA's by viewing their profiles, so make sure to interview the VA's and choose the right assistant. Make sure that you ask as many questions throughout the interview process and choose the right VA that can handle all your tasks.

All this is as far as a single dedicated VA is concerned! One of the greatest advantages with us is that we can ensure that the best Va's are available to you accordingly as well for respective tasks. As you can understand, different VA's would be adept at different skills. Some would be great in data entry, some in research, transcription and some with call support. If your whole process involves different responsibilities, we can offer you a plethora of these skills. If for example, your process involves data entry and call support and transcription; we can arrange for the specific tasks to be done by suitable VA's accordingly in your same plan at no additional cost!

What's more, if your VA(s) is indisposed due to personal reasons, we would have a backup in place for you as well. Thus, with us, you can rest assured that you will have the best of all worlds!