Administrative Support generally refers to the day to day office and Clerical/Executive tasks. Some of the most common functions that are expected from the administrative support staffs are:

Basically, the daily tasks that run an office are done by the Executive & Clerical support team. Virtual assistants are hired by a huge no: of clients for the same.

Customer support is what basically every Virtual Assistant does. It is precisely the kind of services one can offer to assist the customers in a cost effective manner. Here, the assistance refers to every single aspect of the business like planning, installation, training, trouble shooting, and maintenance, upgrading or even calling back the product or service.

Bookkeeping is the recording of financial transactions, and is part of the process of accounting in business. Transactions include purchases, sales, receipts and payments by an individual or organization. Some of the most common Accounting tools that are expected from our Bookkeeper:

The term "Data Mining" might sound unfamiliar to many. However, the technology called Data Mining is a widely used and highly successful one. It is actually the process of extracting very large databases (mostly pre existing ones) in order to attain and find out new information and data with the available ones. Data Mining is mostly practiced in big corporate companies where database is always huge and they will have to use high end measures to go through the data in order to analyze the facts and figures.

Email Marketing is another major area that clients would love to assign a Virtual Assistant. It is probably because Virtual Assistants can be as effective as a Marketing representative in this area. Email Marketing refers to marketing a product or service using an Email. Target could be a single person, an enterprise or a group of people. However, the only concern will be to know if the email serves the purpose. Every email that advertises a product or service is actually part of the marketing strategy called Email Marketing.

A business can never run without the contribution of an effective human resource team. In other words, we can say, smooth running of a business is largely dependent on the functioning of the Human Resources crew. A Virtual Assistant is one excellent choice to take care of the activities that are expected from a HR representative. Applicant Screening, Recruiting and Background Verifications are the major areas where a VA can help.

Inbound Sales mainly focuses on selling products and services by thinking from the perspective of the individual buyers. One would have to think and lock about the needs, pains, frustrations, difficulties and hurdles of the buyers before selling something or fixing a price for them. At the same time, the one who sells or distributes it also need to have their share of profit as well. In short, it is helping out to have a genuine sale in the interest of both the makers and buyers.

Live support is another major function that Virtual Assistants are mostly hired for. Live support refers to the service that ensures proper communications happening for a business without any fail. This could be answering the customer queries in a phone, or an email explaining to some concerns of a customer. Providing assistance to the customers in form of a live chat when the customer visits a website is another important part of this service. In short, Live Support refers to immediate customer assistance, when they are in need of.

Mailing list refers to the list of people who subscribe to a timely distribution of emails on a specific topic. This is a very common practice nowadays and almost all major software producers and vendors allow this. The mandatory part will be collecting the email addresses and finding out the customers who are willing to subscribe. More importantly, a business entity will have to keep a record of all these and that is where a Virtual Assistant can be helpful.

A Virtual Assistant has a lot to offer when it comes to real estate services. Functions a VA can perform her can save a lot of time and money for those who are actually doing the business. Short Sales, Loss Mitigation, Posting MLS and so on goes the list a VA can effectively take care of.

This is where a virtual assistant can be most effective for a client. By web research, what we mean is searching every single nook and corner of the web/internet world in order to collect maximum information for the client about what he/she needs to know. Only someone with internet proficiency and research skills can pull off such tasks with elan in minimum time. One cannot get a better team than the Virtual Assistants who are generally expertise in this area.

Word Processing & Data entry are the most common services that a virtual assistant can provide.

Word processing is just the basic function one can perform with a computer. It is the process of creating a document as per the instructions and likes of the client.
Data Entry is a slightly different task. It is the process of typing a data into any database. Typing speed and accuracy is what contributes to an effective data entry task.